Pre-Project Planning:

YGC understands the many factors that should be considered prior to construction. Click on this link to download our white paper “Top 10 List When Evaluating A Potential Building for a Growing Facility.”

Industry Partnerships:

Our success is shared with clients, design partners, subcontractors, material and equipment suppliers. When you hire YGC, you are accessing the most innovative minds in marijuana facility build-outs.

Pre-Construction Services:

More than simply building services, YGC will work with you to understand your project goals including your growing method, lighting preferences, environmental goals, and how product will be moved in your facility. On retail projects, we will discuss your unique style and how design and merchandising are integrated into the customer experience.

Building Permitting:

YGC takes the guess work out of the permitting process. We are proactive in building relationships with local building, fire, and utility authorities to ensure that plans meet code requirements and the review process is streamlined.

Quality Control:

Quality construction begins with quality design and continues throughout the building process. Careful analysis of proposed means and methods and top notch supervision results in clean, durable, productive facilities.


Our team’s number one concern is the safety of your employees and customers. We insist on stringent design practices for equipment layout and facility design. For instance, extreme care is taken in the correct installation of extraction machines including proper containment, alarm systems, blast walls and hazardous exhaust systems. We also build the facility for ease of cleaning, eliminating the risk of pests, mold and mildew.

Value Engineering and Project Phasing:

We understand that cannabis is still an all cash business, which makes financing projects difficult. We work with clients to achieve budgets and understand the elements that must be included in initial phases as well as “like to have” items that can easily be added later.

Warranties and Maintenance:

We understand that getting your business open is just the beginning. We will resolve warranty issues as they arise and help develop a Long-Term Maintenance Program to keep equipment running like new. We are also available to retrofit your facility as new technology comes on line or your business expands. Commitment to building long-term relationships is the cornerstone of YGC’s success.